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Glute Ham Bench

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Brand: Impulse

Model: LS2251

Glute Ham Bench
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The Impulse SL plate loaded strength training series is purely commercial plate loaded strength training equipment with top design and professional functions provided by Impulse.

 This series is the top-level hanging power product in the world, with super appearance, hardcore design, and ergonomic motion curve, bringing users the most hardcore strength training experience.

 The Impulse SL line is a high quality commercial plate loaded series, which is easy to use and neat appearance.

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    Transform Your Training Experience with the Impulse SL7013 Glute Ham Bench

    Introduction: Redefining Strength Training with Innovation

    Embark on a journey to peak physical fitness with the Impulse SL7013 Glute Ham Bench. Part of the acclaimed Impulse SL plate-loaded series, this bench is a testament to advanced engineering and ergonomic design, setting a new standard in strength training equipment. Ideal for both commercial and home gyms, the SL7013 is not just a piece of equipment; it's a key to unlocking your full training potential.

    Section 1: Unparalleled Design – A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

    The Pinnacle of Equipment Design

    Delve into the exceptional design elements of the SL7013. With its super appearance and hardcore design ethos, this bench isn't just about looks; it's about delivering a powerful and effective workout experience. Explore how its design aligns with professional gym standards, making it a standout piece in any setting.

    Section 2: Ergonomic Excellence – Customized for Optimal Performance

    Ergonomics at Its Best

    The ergonomic motion curve of the SL7013 is a highlight, ensuring that exercises are performed with maximum comfort and efficiency. Discuss how this ergonomic design reduces injury risk and improves workout quality, making it a smart choice for users of all fitness levels.

    Section 3: Robust Construction – A Symbol of Durability

    Engineered for Lasting Performance

    Focus on the construction quality of the SL7013. From its heavy-duty steel frame to the electro-welded integrity, every aspect of the bench screams durability. Highlight the 70mm pad thickness that enhances comfort during intense workouts and the overall build quality that ensures longevity.

    Space Efficiency – Maximizing Your Workout Area

    Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency

    The compact design of the SL7013 is perfect for space-conscious gym owners. Its efficient footprint allows for versatile placement in various gym settings, making it an excellent choice for both large facilities and compact home gyms.

    User-Friendly Features – Enhancing User Experience

    Designed with the User in Mind

    Discuss the user-friendly aspects of the SL7013, from the adjustable settings catering to different user heights to the high-density cushioning that provides comfort and stability during workouts. Emphasize how these features make workouts more effective and enjoyable.

    Section 6: Key Specifications and Product Details

    Detailed Specifications – Everything You Need to Know

    • Model: SL7013
    • Product Name: Glute Ham Bench
    • Series: SL
    • Dimensions: 15629141477 mm
    • Net Weight: 70 kg
    • Gross Weight: 79.8 kg
    • Material: 2.5mm to 3mm thick tubing, electro-welded for integrity
    • Finish: Durable powder-coated
    • Resistance Type: Free Weight
    • Target Muscles: Pectoral, Erector Spinae
    • Additional Features: Aluminum checkered plates for pedals, adjustable for heights from 150cm to 195cm, black PVC upholstery, yellow regulating parts for easy identification.

    Section 7: Integrating the SL7013 into Your Training Regimen

    Elevating Your Workout Routine

    Provide insights on how the SL7013 can be integrated into various workout routines. Discuss its versatility in catering to different strength training exercises, making it an ideal choice for targeting specific muscle groups and enhancing overall fitness.

    Conclusion: A Worthy Addition to Any Fitness Arsenal

    Conclude by reiterating the benefits of the Impulse SL7013 Glute Ham Bench. Encourage readers to consider how this bench can elevate their training experience, offering not just a piece of equipment but a comprehensive training solution. Remind them of the convenience of shopping with your brand, including free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and 24/7 customer support. Contact us on WhatsApp: 92854696 for more details.

    Product NameGlute Ham Bench
    ResistanceFree Weight
    Targeted MusclePectoral,Erector Spinae
    Targeted Body PartWaist
    Pedal504*410 Aluminium Checkered Plates
    Standard Shroud/
    Plastic ColorBlack
    Regulating Part ColorYellow
    Pedal AssistorN/A
    Cup Holder/
    Barbell Plate Storage Bar/
    Product Dimension1562*914*1477
    Net Weight70
    Gross Weight79.8
    Opt Weight Stack/

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