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BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Brand: Olympia

Model: LS2251

BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer
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Type: Air Motion Cross Trainer
Maximum weight:110 K.G
Resistance:Infinitely Variable Control

Monitor: time, speed, distance, calorie, scan, phone stand
Features:Driven by chain & belt
Crank:Plastic Fan Resistance 1-pc-crank
Assembled Size:111x61x136 cm

Seat:Seat can be adjusted vertically
Gross Weight:30 kgs
Net Weight:27 kgs
Carton Size:100x25x66.5 cm

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    BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer

    OMR 103.95
    Save: 15%
    OMR 88.36

    BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

    Stepping into the world of fitness often feels daunting. Gym memberships, schedules, and commitments sometimes cloud our motivation. But what if you could capture the essence of a top-tier gym workout, right within the confines of your home? Enter the BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer. It’s not just a machine; it's a revolution.

    1. Journey Into Air Motion Technology

    The BS458 stands apart with its Air Motion Cross Trainer feature. This isn’t your typical workout; this is gliding, stepping, and striding on air. Each movement is seamless, reducing the typical stress and strain associated with regular workouts.

    2. One Machine, Infinite Possibilities

    The Infinitely Variable Control ensures you're never confined to a set routine. Whether it's Monday's light jog or Sunday's intense calorie burner, this machine adjusts to your pace, ensuring a tailored experience each time.

    3. Stay Informed, Stay Motivated

    With its integrated monitor, track every aspect of your workout. From speed and distance to calories burnt and more. And the cherry on top? A dedicated phone stand. Put on your favorite workout video, motivational talk, or even a TV show and watch time fly by!

    4. Power Packed Performance

    The chain & belt drive system offers unparalleled durability and a smooth performance. It’s the silent workhorse, offering consistency in each session.

    5. Ergonomic Excellence

    Adjust the seat vertically, ensuring the most comfortable workout position. Because your comfort is paramount for a productive session.

    6. Built to Last

    From its sturdy build that supports up to 110 K.G to its precise assembly size of 111x61x136 cm, every inch of the BS458 screams quality.

    Product Details:

    • Type: Air Motion Cross Trainer
    • Weight Capacity: 110 K.G
    • Resistance: Infinitely Variable Control
    • Monitor Displays: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Scan, Phone Stand
    • Drive System: Chain & Belt
    • Crank: Plastic Fan Resistance 1-pc-crank
    • Size (assembled): 111x61x136 cm
    • Seat: Vertically adjustable
    • Gross Weight: 30 kgs
    • Net Weight: 27 kgs
    • Packaging Size: 100x25x66.5 cm

    BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer: Key Specifications

    1. Type of Trainer:

    • Air Motion Technology: A cutting-edge design allowing for a smoother, more natural stride, mimicking the motion of running on air. This technology helps in reducing the impact on joints, making it ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

    2. Weight Support:

    • Maximum User Weight: 110 K.G
    • This robust design can comfortably support users up to 110 kilograms, ensuring a stable and safe exercise routine.

    3. Resistance Levels:

    • Infinitely Variable Control: Offering a wide range of resistance levels, this feature ensures that your workout remains challenging and effective as you progress in your fitness journey. From beginners to advanced users, adjust the resistance to match your training needs.

    4. Monitoring System:

    • Advanced Console: Stay updated with real-time data on:
    • Time: Track the duration of your workout.
    • Speed: Monitor your pace.
    • Distance: See how far you’ve gone in each session.
    • Calorie: Keep an eye on the number of calories burned.
    • Scan Mode: Rotate through all the metrics to get an overview.
    • Phone Stand: An added convenience to keep your smartphone within reach, perfect for entertainment or tracking apps.

    5. Drive System:

    • Dual Drive - Chain & Belt: A combination that ensures durability and provides a smooth, quiet workout experience. Reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan of the trainer.

    6. Crank Mechanism:

    • Plastic Fan Resistance with a 1-Piece-Crank: This unique system offers a dynamic resistance that adjusts based on your speed. The faster you pedal, the greater the resistance.

    7. Dimensions & Weight:

    • Assembled Size: 111x61x136 cm - Compact enough for home use while still providing a full-range motion.
    • Gross Weight: 30 kgs - Total weight including all components.
    • Net Weight: 27 kgs - Weight of the trainer without any additional packaging or accessories.
    • Carton Size: 100x25x66.5 cm - Ideal for secure shipping and storage.

    8. Comfort & Adjustability:

    • Vertically Adjustable Seat: Customize the height of the seat to match your comfort and ensure optimal posture during workouts.

    Concluding, the BS458 Olympia Elliptical Cross Trainer is more than just gym equipment. It’s your fitness partner, designed to offer the best, every single day. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the BS458 is your call to a healthier lifestyle. So why wait? Embrace the revolution. Embrace the BS458.

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