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Agility Cones
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With these durable cone-shaped marker discs, athletes can train their reaction and agility ability.

They can train accelerating, decelerating, and lateral moving footwork. The height of the discs are 6.5cm and the bright colors ensure that they arevisible.

The logo discs are made of soft and high strength plastic that will not break when stepped on and can be used for a long time.

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    Elevate Your Training Game with Livepro Agility Cones: The Ultimate Tool for Dynamic Fitness


    In the quest for peak physical performance, agility and quick reflexes stand paramount. Livepro Agility Cones, with their innovative design and unparalleled durability, are here to revolutionize your training regimen. Whether you're an aspiring athlete, a seasoned coach, or a fitness enthusiast, these cones are your key to unlocking a new realm of agility training.

    Comprehensive Product Breakdown: Unleashing the Power of Livepro Agility Cones

    These aren't just markers on the ground; they are instruments of change in your fitness journey. Let's delve into the specifics that make these cones an essential addition to any training program.

    Key Specifications:

    • Brand: Livepro
    • Colors: Vibrant white, yellow, and blue
    • Material: Premium High-strength PP plastic
    • Weight: Feather-light at 460g
    • Dimensions: Length – 21cm, Height – 6.5cm
    • Quantity: Total of 12 (white × 4, yellow × 4, blue × 4)

    Detailed Analysis of Product Features:

    Robust High-Strength Plastic Material:

    • Durability Meets Flexibility: Constructed from high-strength plastic, these cones are designed to withstand the most demanding training conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

    Lightweight and Portable:

    • Training On-the-Go: Weighing in at just 460g, these cones are a breeze to transport, making them ideal for on-field training, gym sessions, or impromptu workouts in any setting.

    Vibrant and Visible Color Scheme:

    • Catch the Eye, Train the Body: The bright color palette not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also enhances visibility during high-speed drills, ensuring safety and efficiency in training.

    Brand Assurance and Warranty:

    • Livepro’s Stamp of Quality: Each cone carries the Livepro logo – a symbol of quality and durability. Coupled with a comprehensive 6-month warranty, these cones are a risk-free investment in your fitness arsenal.

    Versatile for Various Training Environments:

    • A Tool for Every Scenario: Whether it’s a school playground, a professional sports team’s training ground, a fitness studio, or a home gym, these cones are versatile enough to fit into any training scenario.

    Expanding on the Benefits:

    • Agility and Speed Training: Perfect for exercises aimed at improving quickness, agility, and reaction time.
    • Full-Body Engagement: Engages multiple muscle groups, enhancing overall coordination and balance.
    • Diverse Workout Routines: Ideal for a variety of workouts, including plyometric drills, speed training, and sport-specific agility exercises.

    Why Livepro Agility Cones Are a Game-Changer:

    • Built to Last: Their robust construction ensures they can endure repeated use without losing shape or functionality.
    • Safe and Effective Training: High visibility minimizes risks, making your training sessions both effective and safe.
    • Convenient for Any Setting: Their lightweight nature makes them perfect for trainers and coaches who require portable, yet effective training tools.
    • Inclusive Design: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, from children in PE classes to professional athletes.

    Broadening Your Training Horizons:

    • Creative and Challenging Setups: Experiment with various cone layouts to create challenging agility courses that push your limits.
    • For Everyone Who Moves: From soccer players looking to improve their footwork to individuals aiming to enhance their general fitness, these cones cater to a wide audience.


    Livepro Agility Cones are more than just training equipment; they are a testament to innovation in the realm of physical fitness. By integrating these cones into your training regimen, you embark on a journey toward enhanced agility, speed, and overall athletic performance.

    Transform Your Training Approach Today!

    Step up your fitness game with Livepro Agility Cones. Order now to enjoy free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and access our 24/7 support on WhatsApp at 92854696. Dive into a world where agility meets innovation with Livepro.

    Technical Parameters

    MaterialHigh-strength PP plastic
    Quantitywhite × 4, yellow × 4, blue × 4

    Product Features

    1.High strength plastic

    Livepro’s logo discs are made of soft high strength plastic 

    material that is wear resistant, will not break when stepped

     on, not easy to deform, and can be used for a long time.

    2.Light and portable

    One set of logo discs weigh 460g, are light, and easy to carry.

    3.Bright colors

    The bright colors of the discs are clearly visible, 

    making them easy to identify by athletes while training.

    4.Logo and warranty

    Livepro’s logo is printed on each hurdle and will not

     wear out. There is a 6 month comprehensive

     commercial warranty for damage.

    5.Various scenes

    These discs can be used for agility and speed training. 

    They are suitable for schools, sports teams, clubs, studios,

     and more. They are a wise investment for gymnasiums.

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